Collection: Hair Brush


Upgrade Your Hair Care with JIYUERLTD Cherry Wood Air Cushion Comb!

Say goodbye to harsh hair brushes that damage your hair! Our large wooden hair brush is designed for gentle and smooth hair care. Made from high-quality cherry wood, it features an air cushion design and scalp massage function for easy detangling without pulling or snagging. Suitable for all hair types, our eco-friendly comb is perfect for men, women, and children. Experience the joy of healthy, beautiful hair with our Cherry Wood Air Cushion Comb today!

Color: Red Brown
Material: Ultralight Cherry wood
Nylon buttons: TPO super soft airbag
Product Size:250x85x4mm
Product Weight: 100g
Package Contents:
1 x brush
Notes: Wood is a natural material, and each product has a slightly different grain.