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Wooden Owl,Wood Carving Owl,wood bird birthday present,Puppet,wood gift

Wooden Owl,Wood Carving Owl,wood bird birthday present,Puppet,wood gift

Height: 4.72 Inches; Width: 2.36 Inches; Depth: 1.96Inches
Material: Oak

Wooden Owl. Completed and painted by hand from an array of wood, will become an unusual and touching decoration of the interior. Symbol of wisdom.
A wonderful gift for a child or a girl, a woman, an animal collector.

Contact me if you have any questions or you want a custom order. I'll help you with pleasure.

Owl legend

In ancient Greece
The bird of love of Athena, the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology, is a small dragonfly (a type of owl that is believed to be an event), and the ancient Greeks respected the owl as a symbol of Athena and wisdom.

In Japan,
The owl is known as the Blessed Bird and also the mascot of the Nagano Winter Olympics, representing auspiciousness and happiness.
People are afraid that owls can use it to drive away evil. According to this, the Dorma, who maimed the owl, used the analog image of the owl to fight evil.

in England
In the UK, people think that eating owl eggs that have been burnt into charcoal can correct vision. Yorkshire people believe that soups made with owls can cure whooping cough.
In J.K. Rowling's magical novel Harry Potter, owls and donkeys are the pets of wizards. Among these pets, owls are noble and popular. Because they can not only help the owner to send mail, it is a veritable "postman", and they are wise to understand human feelings and language.

in Canada
The descendants of the Vancouver Indians still retain the owl's totem dance, not only the large woodcarving owl image, but also the dance, the dancer's clothing is an owl, and the hunting mouse is covered with it.
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